my new beginning

i haven’t liked Charlie Sheen this much (read: at all) since the Major League movies!

i m really scared about this upcoming year at school. like, i am frightened. i feel overwhelmed and extremely worried. i feel weak because i already miss my family and i feel weak because i m already crying. everyone around me knows i don t really like school and i m not doing very well so the whole “admitting there is a problem” step is out the window. i guess i am venting now. is venting worse than holding it all in? there has to be a healthy middle ground, right?!

i m trusting God though. i don t know what that even really looks like, but i guess it means me knowing that God knows, that i know i need Him.

trying to keep my head up.


Hollywood’s Redemption

the following movies won’t redeem Hollywood and/or the Film industry but it’s good to see some smarter comedies coming out this September. check out:

Are You Here

This Is Where I Leave You

The Skeleton Twins


Social Media and Pop Culture at it s most effective!

There is Still Some Time.

There is still some time to be surprised.

I am alone.

  • Me: Do you guys want to watch Frozen?!
  • Family: No.

We’re a violent people… it’s true that we are all descended from the restless, the nervous, the criminals, the arguers and brawlers, but also the brave and independent and generous.

– Lee, in John Steinbeck’s East of Eden

Keith Olbermann on the NFL’s insane (lack of) punishment on Ray Rice.

Jenny Lewis is the man! (this caption is funny)

Colbie Caillat’s video for Try is next nevel

LeBron James being a baller in more ways than one.

This dude has really grown up…

Kill the lights! I’ve seen too much.

haha, proud to be from Buffalo. here’s the new Every Time I Die video.

Happy 10th Anniversary

Underoath’s album “They’re Only Chasing Safety” turns 10 years old today. This album means so much to me that i have the words “I swear I’ll know your face in the crowd” from the song “Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape” permanently etched onto my skin.

It’s hard to tell you what this band and their music has done for me but somehow i feel like their music will always find me, even when, especially when, i feel alone.

Underoath got me into heavy music and made me see that it was indeed possible to make kickass music with great and meaningful lyrics.

man, i miss these guys

move over Marvel

Nikki Finke’s predictions on DC’s movie universe:

May 6, 2016 – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
July 2016 – Shazam
Xmas 2016 – Sandman

May 2017 – Justice League
July 2017 – Wonder Woman
Xmas 2017 – Flash/Green Lantern

May 2018 – Man Of Steel 2

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