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his scars are ours


Easter brunch isn t very rock n roll.

Jesus is very rock n roll. He is black and white in a sea of pastels, He is right and wrong, driving with let’s compromise on the left side of the road, He is dirty and worn-out jeans a midst dress pants and sun dresses, Jesus is making us breakfast while we…

Via my new beginning

we live in the Saturdays

yesterday, our hope died. and with it our future. our love, our peace, our joy… dead, gone.

but we seem to have no idea that tomorrow it could rise again.

we live in the Saturdays.

when we follow Jesus, or even if we don t, our lives are filled with these days where we are constantly wondering what the hell just happened. the person we looked up to slipped, the person we loved left us.

we live in these moments where we are stuck trying to figure out what just happened.

meanwhile, all of heaven is leaning over the rails, as Bob Goff would say, waiting, anticipating, remembering, revering

and we sit here and dwell on what happened.

we seem to have no idea that tomorrow our hope could be back. the emptiness in our hearts could be filled.

i wrote a post a few weeks ago about Saturdays being so bittersweet and contradictory. we use them to rest but also to catch up, or try to get ahead. we live in these days, these moments, i don t know any other way to say it.

we re just… stuck.

but take heart, tomorrow is coming. and soon tomorrow will be today. and today, we have hope.

Happy Resurrection weekend.


Sequels to good movies (and bad movies…) are not the whole problem anymore. The main problem is that we keep repeating ideas, or making hybrid movies from other successful ideas.

Here are some “equations” for 4 upcoming movies:

Lucy = Limitless + SALT

Earth To Echo = WALL-E + Super 8

Maleficent = Snow White & The Huntsman + the LOTR trilogy

Edge of Tomorrow = Elysium + Source Code

this is what troubles me on a daily basis. i have a strange mind.



coming soon

here are some songs that are making me happy

Taking Back Sunday – Stood A Chance

Royal Teeth – Wild

Ingrid Michaelson – Girls Chase Boys

Needtobreathe – The Heart

Calvin Harris - Summer

Secret from


Laziness of any sort is a choice, not an unavoidable defect. I can choose to be better, work harder, reach deeper.

– Audrey Assad

The Dangerous Summer is no longer a band. but Copeland is back!

one of the only cat videos i have ever watched. i certainly do not regret it

can you guys suggest some blogs to follow?

they can be friends or bands or companies or photographers or whatever!

i like tattoos and punk music and girls and batman and harry potter and musicals and funny memes and sunsets and girls and the office and guitars and the beach and other stuff like that

let me know!

2 Dead, 23 Injured in SXSW Hit-and-Run

so sad.

Anonymous asked: does the girl you like make you happy?

even when we re nowhere near each other, thinking about her makes my day a little brighter.

Anonymous asked: what are things that are currently making you happy?

thanks for asking that.

  • i ll be back in buffalo in less than 60 days.
  • i m close to finishing a new song that i ve been writing
  • it was my mother s birthday today and i talked to her on the phone

i wish i could add more. but if i m being honest, there isn t much making me happy these days

much love

Anonymous asked: Tell me 5 personal things about you?


  1. i spend more time contemplating suicide then i do praying
  2. the girl i really like doesn t know how i feel
  3. one of the things i miss most about living at home is having time, and a space, to read books
  4. i don t want a job, i want to play in a band
  5. driving by myself is one of my favorite things to do in the world


much love

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